Traditionally used in kitchens and bathrooms, glass splashbacks have now found their way into every aspect of interior design. They are incredibly versatile, stylish, easy to clean and extremely hygienic.

Splashbacks are now being used as unique wall panelling, room dividers and water features in some of Australia's most innovative and cutting-edge homes.

Less traditional uses for splashbacks include around the front of the bath or breakfast bar, whilst replacing the tiles behind your shower screen has now become a matter of not why but when.

Individually created from toughened safety glass, splashbacks are available in any size and an endless array of colours, finishes and textures. Their versatility and application is only limited by your imagination.


Key features;

  • Clear or Low-iron glass - to match any colour.

  • Extensive colour range - with over hundreds of colours to select from

  • Choose a wide range of textures and designs.

  • Metallic and Pearl Finishes

  • Mirror - Silver, Grey or Bronze.

  • All Glass Splashbacks made using 'Grade A' glass.

  • Made to measure and expertly installed

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